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Our dream

...making renewable energy the largest source of electricity...

About Solarclarity Group

Once started from the attic, now the largest online distributor of solar energy for installers in Northern Europe. We are one of the founders of the Dutch solar energy market. In our webshop professional installers can find everything they need. Think of solar panels, inverters, batteries and charging stations. We supply everything but the sun in 5 countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Sweden. And meanwhile, we do much more than just sell solar systems. Because we like to be ahead of the curve, real trendsetters in other words. Even if we say so ourselves. We split Solarclarity Group into four parts, each with its own focus.

Our start-up Bliq is the Group's eye-catcher, an innovative product where we focus on selling a smart home battery controller. Invented, developed and launched all by ourselves. With Bliq you always have the cheapest power of the day.

Denim is our jewel and has been our own solar panel brand for years. Now ready to spread its own wings and fly out into the wide world. Why the name Denim, you might wonder. Denim stands for quality, exactly what we offer. Just functioning panels that you don't have to worry about.

These three business units couldn't exist without our Shared Services. This is where all the staff departments come together and facilitate the businesses from the various fields. This is the best way for us all to work together towards that beautiful dream: making renewable energy the largest source of electricity.

The mission a sunny future

Our mission: making solar energy the largest source of electricity. When we began in 2008, the solar market was very small. Today, Solarclarity is the leading international online PV specialist operating in Europe and the Nordics. We are proud of that. But the founders, Peter Desmet and Irmelin Waalkens, are even prouder that they have shown their children that they have done something against the climate crisis.

Renewable energy is the gamechanger

Solarclarity Group was founded fifteen years ago with the goal of accelerating the transition to renewable energy. We believe that the transition to renewable energy is an urgent necessity, and that solar energy is the gamechanger that makes this possible. We are therefore constantly looking for new technologies and business models that will bring tomorrow's decentralized energy world closer.

We are not taking it easy. We want to stay at the forefront continuously. So we work every day to build a powerful network of partners and suppliers. Our product range moves with the needs of our customers and the market. We have now delivered so many panels that with that total capacity we can power cities like Arnhem, Liège or Uppsala for a year.